Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Month Too Busy To Blog!

Well! March was certainly a busy month for me. I had meant to blog a little sooner but as the month wore on I found I had so little time to do it!
March saw me performing or posing at five events, including three in one particularly busy week! Normally I book two to three shows a month so this was a rather active month for me.

As well as Black Country Burlesque, which I blogged about recently as the debut of my Baba Yaga themed act, 'What She Will Become', I also posed for burlesque life drawing at Pencils and Pin Ups in Leaminton Spa, did a second performance of Baba and did my old favourite, The Octopus Woman at Burlesque! in Manchester (which was also the lovely Duke Wayward's last show), went to one of my furthest south gigs to date at The Hundred Watt Club in Aldershot and performed as a guest performer at a burlesque workshop in Birmingham. In between all this I also found time to meet a local photographer for an interview about burlesque and to have a fun sleepover at Burlesque pal Cherryfox's place. Phew!

My plans for April are a little quieter so it means I can finally crack on with working on one of my new act ideas. At the moment I have been working on choreography for another straight act that will be third in my triptych along with Baba and the Jackalope so I have decided to begin costuming on that one. Yesterday I went and raided the haberdashery, as well as ordering some bits on ebay, so this weekend is full steam ahead on costuming. I don't like to say too much to early when it comes to acts in case something goes wrong and it doesn't get finished but since it looks like this new act may very soon be a reality I shall reveal a little (however, we all know a burlesquer doesn't like to reveal all too soon!). My new act, is in a similar mood and style to the Jackalope and Baba Yaga and is set in the same 'dark forest' world that I mentioned in earlier blogs. It is called 'Foam' and, like Baba Yaga, will be semi-abstract but loosely based on a particular fairy/folk tale. At this stage that's all I am going to say but I hope to post up some pics of my costuming process and as I do I'll reveal a little more about what I'm working on.

For those of you who like my lighter, more comedic acts - don't worry! There's more funny ha-ha to come, in fact, I had hoped to work on a funny one next but the two ideas I have in mind are both, at the moment, not coming together for one reason or another (one has hit a costuming block, the other a performance block) and I need to work them out a little more before I start.

'Til next time

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