Thursday, 24 March 2011

Faves from the Art Monkeys!

Back in late February my adventures in burlesque took me to my old University town and Dr Sketchys Manchester. I had a lovely time there and can't recommend it enough if you're in the area.
Here is a link to their Facebook Page if you want to attend one of their events.

I have just recently seen that they have some images up of my session with them so I thought I'd share a few of my faves with you all!

I have tried to credit all of the artists accordingly but if any of you are reading this and would like me to post up links to your website/feacebook etc just give me a shout!

Photo by Air Adam Photography - Visit his website here!

Also by Air Adam Photography

Drawing by Chris Doherty

Drawing by Courtney Maddison

Drawing by Dave Merrell

Drawing by Dave Merrell (left handed in this one! Wow!)

Drawing by Mark Hibbert

So these are some of my faves - it's so fun to see yourself drawn in so many different styles - plus the photographs are lovely too!

'Til next time

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