Thursday, 10 March 2011

Baba's First Outing

So Saturday was my first outing debuting my Baba Yaga themed act, 'What She Will Become'.
I decided to call it by that name as the act is based around the idea of the young woman who will become Baba Yaga and her precognitive dreams of the future power she will hold and, as the name says, What She Will Become. I used loose feathers and wings of Isis in the act to represent the idea of the character being overwhelmed by, and eventually accepting and embracing her destiny. I chose feathers as a reference to the house on chicken legs in which Baba Yaga lives.

So on Saturday I performed as the headliner at Black Country Burlesque's newbie show final in West Bromwich and performed this act for the first time

Me as Baba Yaga - see those feathers fly! (Photo by Robin Lowe)

I always get rather nervous performing a new act for the first time, and this one was no exception. I also, I'm a little ashamed to say, was nervous about my costume. This is the first time I have performed an act where I take my corset off where my figure wasn't something of a joke in the act. I'm not ashamed of my flabby tum but on the other hand I'm not normally keen to show it off, however, I felt in the context of this act taking the corset off was a must. I wanted the final part of the act to symbolise abandon and the character throwing herself full force into her future and I felt that taking off the corset was a visual metaphor for this. To keep restrained and covered I feel would not have worked as well.

All in all, I feel that the act went respectably well for a first outing. Having now done it in front of an audience I think there are parts that could do with tightening up or tweaking but that's normal for a new performance. Compared to my first performance of the Jackalope I feel as though this one's a lot closer to where I want it to be that when I performed that act for the first time. In order to improve the act I am planning to watch the video with my performer/photographer/costumier/general busy-pants pal Cherryfox and take a little friendly critique.

Relieved, taking a bow (photo by Robin Lowe)

So with the first performance done and dusted I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm really looking forward to bringing Baba out again soon. In fact, it's going to be very soon - next Friday in Manchester at Bella Besame's 'Burlesque!' show. I'm feeling pretty excited!

'Til next time


  1. Aw as if I got a tag just cause you're coming to watch the vid with me, bless ya! I cant wait to see it and your little tum tum (which I think is cute!)

  2. This is fantastic Emerald! I love how you push your boundaries :) Just brilliant. Can't wait to see the video! Tempest xx

  3. Aww thanks Tempest. I miss you dude! xxx