Friday, 5 March 2010

Up to my Ears in Wigs

This is not a real blog post; more just a mini exclamation! It seems I am living any burlesquer’s dream now as I am soon to be up to my ears in wigs! After ordering two lovely replacement wigs last week from Annabelle’s Wigs the person from whom I ordered my original wigs (two months ago tomorrow) has finally contacted me telling me she has ordered my wigs and expects to receive them shortly(!), conveniently ignoring the fact that my email clearly states that I have given up on her service and want a refund instead (something which she says one is entitled to right up until they are shipped from her).
I am going to send her a message explaining that after two months of non-contact I gave up and bought the wigs elsewhere and hopefully get my money back. Keep your fingers crossed for me – otherwise I will have four long blonde wavy wigs when I only needed one and a spare!

‘Til next time,

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