Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Girl on Film

just a brief blog this time to tell you all about the fun and games I have been having with my boyfriend's new video camera - no not the Paris Hilton kind of fun and games!
For Christmas my other half's family clubbed together to buy he and I a video camera. He generously said that I could hang onto it as I have been after one for ages and have never got round to buying one and I have wasted no time in using it to try and improve my burlesque chops, as recommended by many an awesome performer on the circuit.

I am not known for my dance or movement skills. I have a poor memory for choreography, I'm not very graceful and I don't tend to know what shapes or movements look attractive on my body. It usually takes me heaps of trial and error to produce anything movement based and for my new act, in fact, for this one and the other new one I am working on (more info on that another time) my movement is more of a focus than perhaps it has been in the past. So I have resolved to record all the stages of my devising and rehearsal progress and watch them back with a critical eye. The hope is that I can quickly eliminate any movements that don't work, better avoid too much repetition (I'm terrible for repetitive choreography) and get a real sense of what my body can and can't do. Hopefully it will also help me to remember and reproduce the stuff that does work.

As part of my blog I may consider posting up some of the later rehearsal footage (you cheeky devils aren't seeing the devising stages though, so far they've been shocking!) to display the evolution of my work if it looks like people are interested. On the other hand, I may wait 'til after the acts are released just so that I don't ruin the final piece ahead of time for those who want to see it.

So far it's quite cringy watching footage of myself at these early, uncoordinated stages but I'm hoping that in the long run it will pay off in more interesting, graceful and stage-present acts.

Quite exciting really,

'Til next time

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